Sunday, January 17, 2016

Group Dog Training Classes Starting in February


Will introduce you and your puppy to basic obedience training in a fun, positive manner - sit, down, stay, come, place, handling and more! We also go over important items such as crate training, house training, nipping, jumping, socializing and all typical puppy issues. This is a great starting point for all puppies and sets them up to succeed.

  • Classes start in February, Sunday's 4-5pm.  
  • 4 one hour sessions.
  • $135 plus HST.
  • Class takes place at the Milton Fairgrounds 
  • Puppys must have 2nd shots to join.

If you only take one obedience class with your dog, this is the one!

We work on: come, stay, sit, down, stand, heel, leave it, off. We work on engagement with your dog, focus and attention. A fantastic class, and a must have! A class that works on relationship and training.

  • 7 one hour sessions.
  • Classes take place at the Milton Fairgrounds
  • $230 plus HST
  • 18 weeks and up, must have all shots.
  • Classes begin Feburary 2016 - Friday evenings, 7-8pm or Saturday mornings 10-11am.

If you are interested in joining either class please contact us at or visit the website for details:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Puppy Class in Milton - Dog Training Milton Ontario

We have a couple spots left in our upcoming Puppy Class starting December 13th, 4-5pm.

This is a fantastic class to introduce your puppy to the basics of obedience in a fun, positive environment. It is also a very imformative class, going well beyond sit, down and stay.

For puppies 10-18 weeks - second shots required.

Cost is $125 plus HST for 4, 45min - 1 hour sessions.

Please contact if you are interested in signing up, or check out the website for more details:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Keep Your Puppies Safe - Dog Training Milton

There is a time in a young puppy's life where the most important thing in the world is to follow their new owners around. It's cute, it's wonderful to think that these creatures are so bonded to us immediately ... but it's also a short phase for most pups, and can be deceiving.

Witnessing an incident the other day made me realize that it's important to post this information.
There comes a time in a puppy's life (not unlike children) where they start to develop confidence, their own personalities, and a sense that they are not part of a whole, but rather individual. And there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching this moment happen to an unsuspecting owner who is walking their young puppy off leash, close to roads, because they think that the pup "came trained" and would never leave their side.

For safety of your puppy, there should never be a moment, before they are fully trained, that they are allowed to wander, unleashed in an unsecured area. Too many things can go wrong, and you could stumble upon that moment where the pup thinks, "wow, I'm not attached to you, so I'm going to explore over there."

And there is not just dangers from the road, there is dangers of puppies getting into things that they shouldn't, being startled by something and bolting (possibly during a fear period), becoming lost after bolting, being attacked by a loose dog, starting in on bad habits and the list goes on.

This situation can startle owners, create panic, and often has the owner blaming the pup for not sticking by their side, which is completely unfair and does nothing to forward the relationship. If an owner lets their puppy off leash before they have a solid recall, it is the owners fault that the pup ran away, or didn't heed the recall, not the dogs fault.

Set your pup up for success from step one, not after an incident has happened and the leash is a tool to help you do this. Always remember, training continues through your dog's lifetime, and should start the moment you acquire, purchase or adopt. Keep your puppies safe and have fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fun Dog Agility INTRO Class in Milton - Miltons Dog Trainer

A great class for building confidence, having fun with your dog and as an intro to the world of dog agility. Basic agility equipment introduced, handling skills, targeting and brushing up on the basics. Keep your dog's mind and body active - a tired dog is a happy, well behaved dog.  Must have basic obedience skills. For dogs 8 months plus. We cannot accept aggressive dogs in group agility classes. 

Class runs for 6, one hour sessions, cost is $195 plus HST.

We have some spaces left in our class starting September 19th, 11:30-12:30.

Please contact us for more information or visit the website:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Beginner Dog Training Classes in Milton

Come join us for our highly anticipated Smart Dogs Basic Class!

If you take no other class, make sure you take this one.

Our Basic Classes teaches you how to engage with your dog, teach your dog the basics of obedience, and creates a better understanding and bond with your canine companion.

Class runs for 7, one hour sessions, cost is $220 plus HST. For puppies and dogs 18 weeks and up.

Basic Classes take place at the Fairgrounds, Hall #1, downtown Milton.

Available times are:

Friday September 11th, 7-8pm (5 spots available)

Saturday September 12th, 10-11am (2 spots available)

Class sizes are limited for optimum individual attention, so contact us ASAP to sign up, or visit the website for details:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Doggy Play Time in Class? Dog training Milton Ontario

Those whom have taken our classes know that we are pretty strict on our rules that dogs are not to meet or play during, right before, or right after class time, and there is good reason for this.

First off, unfortunately, we are never more exciting to our dogs, than the dogs standing next to us in the class line up. If we allow meet and greets before class, especially for new comers in basic training, it will make your job as a handler MUCH more difficult when you are competing for attention with another dog. This is true even when food or toys are invovled (unless you own the high prey/play/food driven dog who shuts out all else but that precious resource when it is around).

Secondly, if we allow play time after class, during class session, for those dogs who are highly play and pack oriented, they are anticipating that glorious ending, and many have a hard time concentrating throughout, leaving handler frustration in their wake.

Thirdly, our goal, as trainers and handlers, is for the dogs to respond to us under all distraction, be movitivated to work for us, engage with us and to start to understand that a distraction is just that, and nothing more. Nothing to be played with, barked at, lunged at or engaged with. If play between dogs is allowed during training time, we loose the opportunity to teach that engagement with handler is better than engagement with other dogs.

Lastly, there are dogs who are very uncomfortable with other dogs in their space. There are also owners who are uncomfortable with other dogs in their space. There are dogs that are too excitable with other dogs in their space. We keep everyone separates for the comfort level of all participants, canine and human.

The above is not to say that dogs shouldn't have dog/dog play time, rather, dog/dog play time should be separated from training time, and the two should not intermix. Dog/human play time is a different story, and can be intermixed successfully with training, especially when you are looking for a highly annimated, quick and exciting performance.

So keep it easy for yourself, separate dog/dog play time from training time. Make you number one when training, and teach your dog that it is better to pay attention to you, than what is going on around him/her.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Puppy Classes in Milton

Puppy Class starting July 5th, 4-5pm!!! 

Did you get a new pup, or are thinking of adding a pup to your family? 

We have a great puppy class that starts young puppies off on the right foot, in a positive environment that lets them enjoy learning, improves the bond with your pup, and teaches the owner how to handle
typical puppy issues.

4 sessions, 45 minutes - 1 hour each. Cost is $125 plus HST.

For puppies up to 18 weeks of age - must have two sets of vaccines. Space is limited, please contact us today for more information